This is the next anime film Hollywood will become obsessed with

Check out the latest trailer for the new cyberpunk anime hotness, Exaella before it's remade with Shia Labeouf. Also enjoy new clips from CJ7 the cartoon, and the Warhammer-inspired film Ultramarines! » 6/13/10 7:00pm 6/13/10 7:00pm

20 Best (And 20 Worst) Pets In Science Fiction

When humans finally conquer space, we'll still want to keep other creatures as pets. Some science-fiction pets are among our favorite characters, but others, you just want to flush out the airlock. Here's our list of the best and worst. » 6/24/09 5:00pm 6/24/09 5:00pm

Memo To Hollywood: Rip-Off, Don't Remake

With news of another CJ7 and Masi Oka's new Defenders coming on the heels of the (relative) failure of Terminator Salvation and (complete) failure of Land Of The Lost, we're left wondering: Are stealth reboots are the way to go? » 6/09/09 2:40pm 6/09/09 2:40pm

Stephen Chow's ET Gets Animated

A hit movie despite critics hating it, Stephen Chow's ET "homage" CJ-7 is to return to Chinese cinemas next year as an animated character. Well, we did call the original movie "Hello Kitty-ish." » 6/09/09 12:30pm 6/09/09 12:30pm

Critics Hate Stephen Chow's Hit Scifi Movie

The good news: Stephen (Shaolin Soccer) Chow's venture into science fiction, CJ7, has been a huge box-office smash in China, in spite of record-breaking snow storms. The movie has made an impressive US$18 million in its first two weeks, meaning that other Chinese film-makers may be tempted to ditch martial arts for… » 2/14/08 6:30am 2/14/08 6:30am

Spoilers For Watchmen, Dragonball, Lost and CJ7

Has there ever been a show as leaky as Lost? With the new season starting tonight, tons of info has already come out about episodes one and four. And now, there's another incredibly detailed batch of spoilers for episodes one and two. We also have new info about Dragonball and Watchmen, and new pics from Stephen… » 1/31/08 6:00am 1/31/08 6:00am

Stephen Chow Admits CJ7 Is An ET Clone

We've been saying for ages that Stephen Chow's CJ7 is a quasi-remake of ET, and now Chow is sort of admitting it. Says Chow: "I watched [ET] many times... I was amazed that science fiction could be filmed like that. I knew then I wanted to make a movie like that. Spielberg's work inspired me to become a director." CJ7 » 1/30/08 10:00am 1/30/08 10:00am

A Better Look At Stephen Chow's "E.T." Reimagining

We've been hoping that CJ7 will spark a new wave of Chinese science fiction films, and this newly released trailer definitely shows a ton of potential. Stephen Chow is abandoning the kung-fu comedy that made Kung-Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer so successful, in favor of cute alien critters. Mild spoilers below. » 1/22/08 6:20am 1/22/08 6:20am

Guess Who's Back In The Dark Knight?

Good morning and get ready for maximum spoilage. We have some pretty major spoilers about Batman:The Dark Knight. We also learn more about CJ7, the new movie from Stephen Chow (Kung Fu Hustle) and find out an important detail about Halo. Oh, and there are 10 new pictures from next week's Sarah Connor Chronicles. Don't… » 1/16/08 6:00am 1/16/08 6:00am

15 Movies To Watch (Or Avoid) This Year

Some movies radiate their awesomeness backwards in time as well as forwards. You practically have memories of enjoying films that haven't come out yet, the anticipation is so great. Other movies are so horrible, the pain travels back in time and becomes your childhood trauma. Here are the 2008 movies that are already… » 1/03/08 2:00pm 1/03/08 2:00pm

First Look At Stephen Chow's Alien Creature

The new science fiction movie from Stephen Chow (Shaolin Soccer, Kung-Fu Hustle) features this insanely cute alien dog. It turns out the toy that Chow's character finds in a dumpster for his son isn't just alien tech, but an alien creature. It also confirms our original suspicion about Chow's CJ7. (More cute doggy… » 12/18/07 11:30am 12/18/07 11:30am

Alien Tech Gets You A Date With A Supermodel

A shy fanboy buys a weird alien figurine that starts making all his wishes come true, including a supermodel date, in The iDol. But everything comes at a price, and the doll's original owner is coming from outer space to look for it. The iDol looks like another zany Japanese comedy like Squid Wrestler, but it has a… » 12/13/07 6:30am 12/13/07 6:30am

Shaolin Soccer's Director Builds Junkyard Spaceship

Science fiction may replace martial arts as the hottest genre in Hong Kong, if Stephen Chow's new movie CJ7 takes off. Chow helped reinvigorate the sagging martial-arts genre with Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle. And the long-awaited CJ7's blend of CGI and zany stunts could do the same for science fiction. That's as… » 11/23/07 8:00am 11/23/07 8:00am