New Heroes Videos Catch You Up On The Shows You'll Wish You Saw

Think you know what to expect from Heroes? Three exclusive new videos from NBC show you the different sides of the show - Romance, teen angst and the weirdest serial killer comedy you'll wish was on television every week. » 8/02/09 12:00pm 8/02/09 12:00pm

No More Heroes ... At Least Until Fall

Hayden Panettiere let it leak that Heroes won't be back for the rest of the season, even though the strike is coming to an end. Maybe this will allow the writers to focus on Season Three (Season 2.0 Redux?) and come out of the gate with a bang instead of a whimper. After all, we know they've filmed part of Volume… » 2/11/08 9:40am 2/11/08 9:40am

Fugly-Twin Powers, Activate!

We told you yesterday about the upcoming line of Heroes figures, and now we've tracked down more images of the first wave of toys based on the hit NBC show. These are apparently all prototype figures — the real ones will be out later this year. Based on what we've seen, maybe that means there's still a chance to go… » 1/11/08 10:20am 1/11/08 10:20am

The Coolness of New "Heroes" Action Figures? Not So Much.

The most recent issue of Toyfare magazine came out yesterday, and it has a spread on all the new Heroes action figures that'll be out later this year. Since it's looking less and less likely that you'll be seeing new episodes anytime soon, it might be time to pick up some of these and bust out that video camera.… » 1/10/08 2:00pm 1/10/08 2:00pm

io9 Talks To The Man With The Horn-Rimmed Glasses

Jack Coleman has the enviable position of breathing life into television's best and worst father each week on NBC's Heroes. During the day he'll be bringing home teddy bears to his indestructible daughter Claire, while that night he'll gun someone down and work with genetically mutated viruses. He's gone through more… » 1/02/08 10:15am 1/02/08 10:15am

Unanswered Questions for Tonight's Heroes Finale

Tonight's episode of Heroes will kinda-sorta cap off the season. But will it answer all of our nagging questions from this year? Maybe, maybe not. Here's a score card, so you can tick them off as they're answered. Or not.
» 12/03/07 1:30pm 12/03/07 1:30pm

Next Week On Heroes: Claire Gets Picked Up

You can add "Are you a robot or an alien?" to your list of can't-miss pick-up lines, judging from this preview clip of Monday's Heroes. The dorky flying boy tossed out some "negs," just like on The Pickup Artist, and now he's already making nookie with Claire. And just watch how West kino-escalates. It's pretty… » 10/05/07 12:36am 10/05/07 12:36am