Zoo City author Lauren Beukes talks about South African SF, and winning…

Lauren Beukes won the 2011 Arthur C. Clarke Award for her novel Zoo City, a jarring urban fantasy about an alternate Johannesburg where criminals are matched with magical animals. » 4/29/11 2:10pm 4/29/11 2:10pm

What are the best SF novels published by women in the past 10 years?

Can you name the 10 greatest science fiction novels by women authors published in the past decade? That's a meme that's been making the rounds, in response to a perceived increase in the marginalization of women in SF. » 10/18/10 6:20am 10/18/10 6:20am

The Woman Who Saves Humanity From Itself in "The Margarets"

In Sheri S. Tepper's The Margarets, nominated for the Clarke, a woman's identity is shattered into seven parts, each going on interplanetary missions to save humanity. This is magical space opera mixed with hardcore eco-politics. » 4/13/09 5:17pm 4/13/09 5:17pm