One of the Coolest Pieces of Short Fiction We've Read in the Past Year

Aliette de Bodard's story "Immersion" is so clever and multi-layered, it feels like it belongs in Dangerous Visions. The use of language is pretty amazing, too. I don't want to sumamrize it too much, but it takes place in the future, on a planet where people use a gadget called the Immerser to create "avatars" for… »6/27/12 5:20pm6/27/12 5:20pm

An incredible short story told from the perspective of the alien in John Carpenter's The Thing

If you love the John Carpenter version of The Thing and are dreading the remake coming to a theater near you, or if you just love stories that successfully represent a truly alien point of view, then you need to read Peter Watts' Hugo-nominated story "The Things." It's the John Carpenter flick, but from the point of… »10/14/11 11:30am10/14/11 11:30am