Metropolis Remake On The Way

No film has had as much impact on the look and feel of science fiction movies more than the 1927 classic Metropolis. However, you'd be hard-pressed to find many people who have seen this silent film about class war and fembots in a futuristic city. That could all be changing, though. Producer Thomas Schuehly (The… » 12/10/07 8:30am 12/10/07 8:30am

Blade Runner Sequel Rumors Start Replicating

Blade Runner is enjoying a resurgence in popularity — the new cut hit theaters last month, and a five-disc ultra edition coming out on DVD next month. Now, rumors have it that Hollywood may churn out a sequel to this classic about rogue androids and the reluctant "Blade Runner" cop (Harrison Ford) who tracks them… » 11/19/07 3:30pm 11/19/07 3:30pm

Andromeda Strain Reborn As Miniseries On A&E

One point that Battlestar Galactica keeps trying to hammer home is "All this has happened before, and will happen again." With yet another scifi remake on the horizon, they may be more right than they know. The Sci Fi channel announced back in 2004 that they would be making a miniseries version of Michael Crichton's… » 11/13/07 11:09am 11/13/07 11:09am

Logan's Run Remake Finally Happening ... Maybe

Logan's Run is one the only few films that was firmly rooted in the science fiction genre and wasn't titled Star Wars to come out of the 1970s. It's also been stuck running in place in Hollywood's favorite prison: development hell. Will the remake actually happen this time? » 11/13/07 10:01am 11/13/07 10:01am

Fahrenheit 451 Is "The Most Relevant Piece Of Literature Ever Written"

Director Frank Darabont has made a career out of adapting kooky and off-beat novel and short stories, most of them from the hand of Stephen King. He impressively turned the very thin story "Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption" into a film that holds his own, and now he's attempting to do the same with Ray… » 11/09/07 12:59pm 11/09/07 12:59pm