Must Watch: Aardman Animations' Ultra-Cute Claymation Batman and Catwoman

Aardman Animations, the people behind Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run, are doing new claymation shorts starring DC Comics superheroes as part of Cartoon Network's new DC Nation block of programming. (Which will also include Plastic Man cartoons and a short series about superheroines teaming up called Super Best… »1/26/12 5:09pm1/26/12 5:09pm

Bloody Claymation Zombie Massacre Unleashes Chainsaw Maid

Claymation and hard core zombie-geared violence are the perfect vehicles to telll the story of a family's maid and her struggle to fend off the attacking undead with a chainsaw. This Japanese short is titled "Chainsaw Maid" and is one of the best zombie splatter movies I've have seen in ages. They even attempt to… »7/01/08 11:40am7/01/08 11:40am

Claymation Science Heroes Wallace And Gromit Are Coming Back!

The most intrepid space explorers and monster-fighters ever to be made of clay are coming back to our screens later this year, and they've built "robotic kneading arms" to help with their bakery business. The first images from the next Wallace And Gromit short, "A Matter Of Loaf And Death," went online — and they… »6/12/08 3:03pm6/12/08 3:03pm