7 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Clinical Trials

The clinical trial process is what every drug or medical device goes through before it comes to market. And it's difficult for the public to understand for many reasons, including proprietary claims on information, complicated scientific jargon, bureaucracy, and good, old-fashioned corruption. We asked Molly Maloof,… »2/21/14 1:39pm2/21/14 1:39pm

How drugs go from healing mice in the lab, to sitting on your pharmacy shelves

The news is full of headlines about some drug that has cured mice of everything from baldness to paralysis. Although these advances are real, their useful medical application for humans seems out of reach. What does it take for drugs to make the jump from animals to human testing? And when does a drug being tested on… »3/02/11 12:00pm3/02/11 12:00pm