Japanese legislators consider building a back-up Tokyo (in case the original's destroyed)

During World War I, Paris built a fake Paris to confuse German bombardiers. More recently, China has seen a spate of towns reproducing a little slice of Germany and Austria. Now, Japan is considering constructing a second Tokyo in case an earthquake destroys the one we have today. » 11/02/11 4:25pm 11/02/11 4:25pm

Welcome to the deserted German city outside of Shanghai

This may look like your average German suburb on a quiet day, but it's actually a planned community 30 kilometers outside of Shanghai. This is Anting German Town, a one-square-kilometer residential development founded in 2001 and built specifically to resemble a little slice of Deutschland. There's only one problem… » 10/16/11 8:15am 10/16/11 8:15am

During World War I, France began building a fake Paris to confuse German bombers

Just prior to the end of World War I, French officials began constructing a Potemkin Paris outside of the real city to throw off German bombing raids. This tactic may seem unusual, but aerial bombing technology was still a bit of a novelty in 1917. Planes couldn't support massive payloads, and pilots didn't have the… » 9/25/11 11:30am 9/25/11 11:30am