The Truth Is Here At Last: "Manta Ray" UFO Spotted Over Costa Rica

A photographer in Costa Rica observed a “Manta Ray”-shaped UFO, which had no visible means of propulsion. Which means it’s not a drone! In fact, it appears to be using some kind of anti-gravity drive. The above video contains massively zoomed-in closeups of the object, so you can judge for yourself. »9/09/15 2:20pm9/09/15 2:20pm


Is alien invasion movie "Battle: Los Angeles" actually based in fact?

In next month's Battle: Los Angeles, invading aliens go to war with the American military. It's science fiction...except that a panel of UFO experts claims it's factual. At a recent Sony Pictures press conference, the studio emphasized the movie's "based in fact" premise by giving us a chance to chat with a pair of… »2/25/11 7:24pm2/25/11 7:24pm