10 Questions From Science Fiction That We're Glad Were Never Answered

We tend to think of science fiction and fantasy as being like mystery novels — the story is over when you solve the case. So we obsess over questions that have no answers. But here are 10 questions that are better unanswered, either because the possibilities are fascinating or because the answers would be terrible. »4/29/14 3:00pm4/29/14 3:00pm


12 Beloved Movies That Were Originally About Something Very Different

Our favorite science fiction and fantasy films seem to have burst into existence fully formed, already perfect. So it's weird when you realize that a lot of the best movies had the biggest false starts and dead ends. Here are 12 much-loved movies that had very different storylines early on in their creation. »4/24/14 2:00pm4/24/14 2:00pm

10 Influential Movies (Where Everybody Copied the Wrong Thing)

Every once in a while, a movie comes along that changes everything. A film that rewrites the rules and influences a generation of film-makers. But all too often, the people who imitate these ground-breaking movies miss the point. Here are 10 science fiction and fantasy movies from which everybody copied the wrong… »8/20/13 1:14pm8/20/13 1:14pm

10 Ways Steven Spielberg Has Made the World a Better Place

This has been a big year for Steven Spielberg — he's launched two TV shows, including last night's Terra Nova, and produced countless movies. The Spielberg tribute Super-8 was a surprise hit, and it's become fashionable for other film-makers to claim they're paying tribute to early Spielberg. Still ahead this year:… »9/27/11 1:00pm9/27/11 1:00pm

Did Close Encounters of the Third Kind launch post-modernism?

That's what the Guardian claims in a new article today. Steven Spielberg's seminal 1977 film eschewed the rationality that had been science fiction's hallmark, in favor of an unexplained brush with the transcendent, which mostly takes place in suburbia. Instead of figuring stuff out, Richard Dreyfuss' character starts… »9/05/11 4:30pm9/05/11 4:30pm

Polish Close Encounters of the Third Kind poster looks like Mac and Me

We've featured some wonderfully befuddling Polish movie posters before, but Andrzej Pagowski's design for Close Encounters of the Third Kind transforms the movie into a dreadful family comedy with McDonald's dance-offs. It's on eBay if you're in need of a conversation piece. And for more movies lost in translation,… »9/04/11 6:25pm9/04/11 6:25pm

10 Real Dramatic Works That Should Be Performed in Scifi Languages

We've all heard of The Klingon Hamlet, a real book that contains a Klingon translation of the text side-by-side with the English version. Some of us have even been . . . let's say 'lucky' enough to see it performed. But what other famous works would be better rendered in science fictional languages? We've got some… »8/19/11 1:00pm8/19/11 1:00pm

UFO Sightings in Arizona Can Be Traced Back to "Close Encounters" Footage

Arizonans are buzzing today about a series of floaty lights that hovered over Phoenix last night for about 15 minutes. One guy captured them on film (you can see it here), and the news covered it to death, wondering how people could have seen a bunch of lights that the Federal Aviation Administration and local air… »4/22/08 10:11pm4/22/08 10:11pm