Behold The Beauty Of A Spring Equinox Sunset Over Alaska

This is either a shot of six people marveling at yesterday's spring equinox sunset on an unseasonably warm-ish (42 degrees) evening in Anchorage, Alaska ... or lost album art for an LP of AM radio jams, circa 1973. » 3/22/15 4:45pm 3/22/15 4:45pm

Satellite Image of Clouds Over the Black Sea Will Take Your Breath Away

On January 8, the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on the Aqua satellite captured an image of "clouds streets" over the Black Sea. Cloud streets are lines of cumulus clouds that run parallel to the wind. That is some beautiful wind. » 1/13/15 12:00am 1/13/15 12:00am

The Science Behind Turning Boiling Water Into "Snow" on a Frigid Day

Every winter, one of the coolest trends to circulate around the web is courtesy of unfortunate, bored souls stuck in the northern tundra with nothing better to do than throw cups of boiling water into the air. Once the water leaves the cup, it immediately turns into "snow." Let's take a look at how and why that… » 1/12/15 2:05am 1/12/15 2:05am

This Bizarre, Glittering Cloud Just Appeared in the Sky over Australia

Astronaut Alex Gerst recently captured this glorious photo from the International Space Station. It shows a series of towering thunderstorms rising up from a Saharan dust storm. The ISS was over Libya at the time as Gerst watched the anvil-like structures protrude above the dusty layer. (Credit: NASA/JSC/Gerst) » 9/26/14 12:40pm 9/26/14 12:40pm

Artist Draws Whimsical Illustrations Over The Shapes He Sees In Clouds

Everyone sees recognizable shapes when they look up at the clouds—that's the nature of pareidolia. But artist Martín Feijoó takes it a step further, illustrating the images he sees. And some of them are pretty weird. » 9/05/14 1:00pm 9/05/14 1:00pm

Just Breathtaking: Clouds Cast Thousand-Mile Shadows Across The Earth

Images like this really hit home what an unusual perspective the astronauts aboard the International Space Station have on our planet. Astronaut Reid Wiseman tweeted this "favorite view" of cloud shadows streaking across the Earth. » 9/01/14 5:00pm 9/01/14 5:00pm

This Cloud Looks So Much Like A Penis It's Not Even Funny

Actually, it's quite hilarious. The turgid image was captured in Foolow, Derbshire by a British photographer who goes by the name Villager Jim. » 7/31/14 6:20am 7/31/14 6:20am

A Hypnotizing Timelapse Captures An Atmospheric Standing Wave

Lenticular clouds are the visible manifestation of an atmospheric standing wave. This hypnotizing timelapse captures the clouds pulsing and reforming in a fixed location in space, mountains of clouds mirroring the mountains of rock in the landscape below. » 7/05/14 12:37pm 7/05/14 12:37pm

The Skies Are Coming After Those of Us on the Ground

Camille Seaman, 2013 TED presenter on storm chasing, has been photographing storms since 2008. Her now six year-old collection is called The Big Cloud, a title which is very, very accurate. But more than that, her photos show the storms as the heavens reaching down to us. » 6/11/14 11:00pm 6/11/14 11:00pm

A Pair of Beautiful Atmospheric Phenomena off the Coast of Mexico

In this satellite image from NASA, we see breathtakingly beautiful swirls of cloud that are also iridescent. It's an unusual combination of two atmospheric phenomena of the coast of Baja California: von Kármán vortices and a glory. » 6/11/14 12:47pm 6/11/14 12:47pm

Jaw-dropping Photographs Capture the Sublime Power of Superstorms

Photographer Mike Hollingshead makes a living out of chasing and photographing extreme weather systems – and the fruits of his labor are guaranteed to fill you with awe. » 1/22/14 11:31am 1/22/14 11:31am

Dramatic paintings of gathering storm clouds

Clouds are clearly the stars of Michelle Manley's landscape paintings. By exaggerating their peaks and curves, and pulling from the full spectrum of cloudy colors, Manley creates ominous scenes of looming, almost monstrous storms. » 8/25/13 8:30am 8/25/13 8:30am

An Ominous Cloud That Literally Rolls In

This unique meteorological phenomenon is called a roll cloud, and it's seen here making its away over the city of Calgary, Alberta. Though it looks like a tornado that has fallen down, it's actually a type of arcus cloud — a dense and horizontal cylindrical structure that often appears ragged and turbulent. » 7/10/13 3:40pm 7/10/13 3:40pm

The Siege Of Brazil From Space

Today is a great hot summer day for a terrific space photo to cool us down a bit. Those battering storm clouds over the Atlantic surely look awesome in the grazing sunlight, framed by the almost transparent solar panels of the Progress 50 freighter spacecraft and the Soyuz 35 (TMA-09M) spacecraft (on the left). NASA… » 7/09/13 4:34pm 7/09/13 4:34pm

Witness the terrifying birth of a supercell thunderstorm

It took photographer Mike Olbinski four years to capture the formation of a colossal, spiraling supercell on video – but good grief, was it worth the wait. This footage is the very definition of spellbinding. » 6/11/13 1:40pm 6/11/13 1:40pm

Have you ever seen clouds in the middle of a room and wondered why?

Last year we introduced you to Berndnaut Smilde, a Dutch artist who has made a name for himself by suspending real clouds in the most unusual spaces. In this video, Smilde waxes metaphysical about the inspiration behind his work. » 6/10/13 9:40am 6/10/13 9:40am