Why Are These Glow-In-The-Dark Clouds Migrating?

If you ever encountered a noctilucent cloud, you’ve probably never forgotten it. In part, that’s because it’s straight-up stunning but also because, if you saw it, you were probably near one of the poles. But something is happening to these clouds. They are getting brighter, more common, and they are coming to you. » 6/19/15 1:40pm 6/19/15 1:40pm

The Science Behind Turning Boiling Water Into "Snow" on a Frigid Day

Every winter, one of the coolest trends to circulate around the web is courtesy of unfortunate, bored souls stuck in the northern tundra with nothing better to do than throw cups of boiling water into the air. Once the water leaves the cup, it immediately turns into "snow." Let's take a look at how and why that… » 1/12/15 2:05am 1/12/15 2:05am

The Siege Of Brazil From Space

Today is a great hot summer day for a terrific space photo to cool us down a bit. Those battering storm clouds over the Atlantic surely look awesome in the grazing sunlight, framed by the almost transparent solar panels of the Progress 50 freighter spacecraft and the Soyuz 35 (TMA-09M) spacecraft (on the left). NASA… » 7/09/13 4:34pm 7/09/13 4:34pm