CNN reports that Blackberry outage has now spread to many other planets

If you thought the Blackberry crash was just a major problem for a small segment of humanity, then apparently you've massively underestimated the issue. Yesterday evening, CNN was reporting that "users on almost every planet" were affected. This is a major interplanetary incident! » 10/13/11 7:40am 10/13/11 7:40am

Bill Nye The Science Guy Tells Larry King He's All Alone

Larry King let Bill Nye The Science Guy on his show to smack down conspiracy theorists who believe that Roswell was so much more than just a weather balloon. Read the transcript to see Nye trying to use logic on King's guests who firmly believe that Roswell is host to a plethora of government lies and cover-ups. Sadly, … » 7/07/08 12:10pm 7/07/08 12:10pm