G.I. Joe 2 Super Bowl trailer shows off Cobra Commander's new mask

The first G.I. Joe: Retaliation trailer was a welcome, absurdly over-the-top surprise, and we're pleased to see that the Super Bowl teaser continues the madness. Check out Cobra Commander's revamped evening wear, The Rock barking Jay-Z lyrics, and a shuriken-versus-bullets ninja battle. Director Jon Chu's action… »2/01/12 4:05pm2/01/12 4:05pm


Power-Armor Vs. Nano-Tech Super Soldiers, In G.I. Joe

Starship Troopers 3 may finally show us a glimpse of the powered armor Heinlein talks about in the novel — but we'll get our real power armor fix from the G.I. Joe movie, coming in 2009. I haven't been sure whether Joe really counted as science fiction, but a new script review gives plenty of reasons to accept it as… »4/21/08 7:00pm4/21/08 7:00pm