G.I. Joe 2 Super Bowl trailer shows off Cobra Commander's new mask

The first G.I. Joe: Retaliation trailer was a welcome, absurdly over-the-top surprise, and we're pleased to see that the Super Bowl teaser continues the madness. Check out Cobra Commander's revamped evening wear, The Rock barking Jay-Z lyrics, and a shuriken-versus-bullets ninja battle. Director Jon Chu's action flick … » 2/01/12 1:05pm 2/01/12 1:05pm

GI Joe Movie Turns Fan Service Into High-Tech Complex Drama

Ignore all those robots in disguise already; 2009 will be the year of GI Joe, thanks to the Resolute cartoon and upcoming movie. And at the GI Joe panel Thursday morning, Hasbro executives and the creators of both projects explained just why everything they do, they do it for you. » 7/24/08 2:20pm 7/24/08 2:20pm

Power-Armor Vs. Nano-Tech Super Soldiers, In G.I. Joe

Starship Troopers 3 may finally show us a glimpse of the powered armor Heinlein talks about in the novel — but we'll get our real power armor fix from the G.I. Joe movie, coming in 2009. I haven't been sure whether Joe really counted as science fiction, but a new script review gives plenty of reasons to accept it as… » 4/21/08 4:00pm 4/21/08 4:00pm