19th-Century "Coffin Torpedos" shot at would-be grave robbers

If you wanted to be absolutely sure that your deceased body stayed inside your grave and didn't end up on an anatomy student's carving table, you could simply ask your heirs to arm your coffin. During the 19th Century, coffin guns and "grave torpedos" appeared on the market, ready to thwart potential body snatchers… » 8/11/12 7:30am 8/11/12 7:30am

Coffin technologies that protect you from being buried alive

In the eighteenth century, rumors swirled about people accidentally buried alive when they lapsed into a deathlike state from cholera. As a result, the safety coffin was invented. Here's how it worked. » 10/28/10 3:00pm 10/28/10 3:00pm

Coffins from the eighteenth century sometimes came equipped with an elaborate bell system, which…