Colin Trevorrow has started work on Star Wars Episode IX.

Colin Trevorrow has started work on Star Wars Episode IX. Or, at least he’s started doing something Star Wars related. The Jurassic World director posted the below image on Twitter, which is pretty crazy considering we’re still three months from Episode VII, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and about 20 until Rian… »9/08/15 1:40pm9/08/15 1:40pm


Jurassic World Is A Huge Mega-Hit, And That’s Terrible News For Movies

Jurassic World is now on track to beat the box office records of both Avengers films, and it has a shot at beating Avatar. This is terrible, awful news for anybody who loves movies. Not because Jurassic World is a horrible movie—it’s actually pretty fun. But because this means a lot more pandering sequels. »6/22/15 5:51pm6/22/15 5:51pm

"It Doesn't Go Well For The Humans" In New Jurassic World Featurette

There’s some familiar footage in this featurette promoting Jurassic World’s June 12th release, but it also offers sound bites from Chris Pratt, Steven Spielberg, and Colin Trevorrow, who says his goal is to “make adults feel like they’re kids again.” Kids chased by genetically-modified dinosaur hybrids, specifically. »5/25/15 3:20pm5/25/15 3:20pm

Jurassic Park IV renamed Jurassic World, and it's coming in June 2015

As if summer 2015 wasn't already looking overloaded with huge movies, now there's one more. The fourth Jurassic Park movie, now titled Jurassic World, is coming out June 12, 2015. Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guaranteed) is officially directing from a script he co-wrote with Safety co-writer Derek Connolly. »9/10/13 10:51pm9/10/13 10:51pm

How a Time Traveler's 'Help Wanted' Ad Became a Surprisingly Touching Movie

When you heard that they were making an indie movie based on the famous 1997 time travel-themed "help wanted" ad, you probably expected a screwball comedy, or some kind of stoner slapstick extravaganza. Something akin to Hot Tub Time Machine, perhaps. So it's kind of a surprise when you see the movie Safety Not… »6/15/12 5:43pm6/15/12 5:43pm