How Dave McKean created Sandman's multidimensional covers in an era…

One of the hallmarks of Dave McKean's early Sandman covers were the photographic elements framing the central painting, as if you'd stumbled across the piece hanging in curio cabinet or against an overstuffed bookshelf. But before Photoshop made adding these elements as simple as clicking a mouse, McKean decided not to … » 12/09/12 4:00pm 12/09/12 4:00pm

The Space Age Isn't Over, As Long As We're Making Cool Art

The 1950s were a decade when science, space, and concepts of the future were celebrated within fashion, architecture, and design. Artist Mark Weaver takes advantage of the fantastic imagery and aesthetics produced during this era to inspire some breathtaking artwork. » 12/30/09 10:00am 12/30/09 10:00am