​How to Stop being a Completist

How do you know when it's time to stop being a completist? For me, the moment came in the mid-1990s, when I saw the above Doctor Who underpants for sale in a London shop — marked "ONLY WORN ONCE, NEVER WASHED." But everybody hits a wall sooner or later. Here's how to let go of needing to have a complete set. » 12/10/13 3:00pm 12/10/13 3:00pm

Why do post-apocalyptic people dress like morons?

One note before I open up this week's mailbag: As last week's "PA" revealed, I am not infallible. I don't know why you would think so, given that I'm a fictional fake postman. I know a lot of junk, but I think I know more than I do, so I rely on you attractive readers to "augment" my answers in the comments. The fake… » 7/03/13 8:00am 7/03/13 8:00am

Why collecting toys is like a heroin addiction

I moved a couple weeks ago, and as a toy collector, I had the unenviable task of packing up all my toys and statues and things (everything involving moving is unenviable, but whatever). This was actually not that difficult, because 90% of my toys were already in boxes. These boxes had only ever been opened up to put… » 11/27/12 8:00am 11/27/12 8:00am