These incredibly vivid color photos of Antarctica were taken in 1915

Early last century, Australian photographer Frank Hurley participated in a number of expeditions to Antarctica. He visited the polar continent six times from 1911 to 1932 — but his 1915 trip with Sir Ernest Shackleton proved to be the most memorable. These are the photos he took after their ship became hopelessly… »12/16/13 10:40am12/16/13 10:40am

Check out these unpublished color photos of World War II American bomber crews

Shortly after the 1942 deployment of the U.S. Eighth Air Force in Britain, LIFE Magazine sent Margaret Bourke-White to spend time with the now legendary VIII Bomber Command. During her assignment, she managed to snap a series of color photographs, many of which never actually made it to her feature article. Over 70… »3/07/13 12:20pm3/07/13 12:20pm

These exceptionally rare color photographs show Paris at turn of the 20th century [Updated]

Back in 1903, the Lumière Brothers invented autochrome technology, an innovative photographic technique that allowed for extraorinarily vivid color images. Now, while some of these rare photographs might seem photoshopped or enhanced, they are the real deal — and a remarkable glimpse of what Paris looked like during… »1/28/13 8:15pm1/28/13 8:15pm