On the Run From One Murder, He Accidentally Committed Another—And Joined the FBI's "Most Wanted" List

In 1960, it seemed like the perfect crime, and the best solution to a pressing financial dilemma: snatch a wealthy,middle-aged beer-company heir; demand $500,000 ransom (equivalent to nearly four million dollars today); collect the money; and fade back into obscurity. »9/14/15 2:40pm9/14/15 2:40pm

Man Whose Wife Plunged to Her Death Just Happened to Have Map with "X" Marking Where She Fell [Updated]

Colorado resident Harold Henthorn headed to trial this week to answer to first-degree murder charges; he denies pushing his wife, Toni, to her death during a 2012 Rocky Mountain National Park hike celebrating their 12th wedding anniversary. The accused is innocent until proven guilty, but there’s some particularly … »9/09/15 4:00pm9/09/15 4:00pm

This Massive Snow Art Is a Tribute to the River That Used to Flow Here

Since 2011, artist Sonja Hinrichsen has brought volunteers out onto the snow of Colorado to create art that can only be full seen from above. 2014's entry was an abstract interpretation of original flow of the Yampa River and its four main tributaries in Routt County, made on an artificial lake created by damming. »12/01/14 2:30am12/01/14 2:30am

This graph of Boulder's year-to-date rainfall is just staggering

In Colorado, rainfall characterized by the National Weather Service as "biblical" has left thousands homeless, hundreds missing and at least eight people dead. Among the hardest-hit cities has been Boulder, which last week catapulted from a dry spell into its wettest year on record in the span of just five days. »9/18/13 1:40pm9/18/13 1:40pm

Stolen Bigfoot costumes are the reason your local newspaper has a crime blotter

Cosplay, it's a burgeoning trend in the criminal community. Hell, a fellow in New Zealand was recently sentenced to eight years for robberies while dressed up like Casper The Friendly Ghost. (Honestly, if you're going to dress up as a Harvey Comics character to freak people out, Baby Huey is the way to go). »9/14/11 11:05am9/14/11 11:05am

40,000 Hungry People Descend on Colorado Farm Seeking Free Food

Joe and Chris Miller, owners of a 600-acre farm near Denver, Colorado, decided to open it up to the public for a weekend of "gleaning" - the practice of letting neighbors help themselves to vegetables that remain in your field after harvest. Because their farm is so large, they expected a crowd of 5-10 thousand… »11/25/08 2:13pm11/25/08 2:13pm