Colson Whitehead: Zombies Are About "The Everyday Becoming Monstrous"

We loved Colson Whitehead's zombie novel Zone One, in which a team of survivors combs through the wreckage of a post-apocalyptic city, assailed by boredom and weirdness as much as by horror. Now, talking to Salon, Whitehead explains why he's fascinated with zombies: They're like everyday life revealing its horrifying… » 6/03/14 5:00pm 6/03/14 5:00pm

Black Moon's Insomnia Epidemic Is The Most Unsettling Apocalypse Of All

We're living in a golden age of apocalyptic books right now, with everybody from Margaret Atwood to Cormac McCarthy to Colson Whitehead telling apocalyptic tales. We've had a plague apocalypse, and an apocalypse where children's voices are toxic. But the insomnia plague in Kenneth Calhoun's Black Moon is still… » 3/31/14 4:30pm 3/31/14 4:30pm

Colson Whitehead's Zone One shatters your post-apocalyptic fantasies

Post-apocalyptic stories are chock full of wish-fulfillment. Rugged individualism holds sway. Every survivor is as special as Harry Potter, just by virtue of being alive. We get to rebuild this whole mess, without all that postmodern clutter. And so on. » 12/29/11 2:49pm 12/29/11 2:49pm

Lessons that 2011 Has Taught the Entertainment Industry

This year has been a wild ride for lovers of science fiction and fantasy. Some hugely expensive, massively hyped projects have failed, but also some new mega-hits have been born. Hollywood is struggling with sagging movie ticket sales and TV ratings, and book publishers are facing a rapidly changing world. It's a… » 12/21/11 8:00am 12/21/11 8:00am

Why Science Fiction Writers are Like Porn Stars

I didn't want to write about Glen Duncan's nerd-baiting book review in last Sunday's New York Times. The one that starts, "A literary novelist writing a genre novel is like an intellectual dating a porn star." And just goes downhill from there. » 11/03/11 1:21pm 11/03/11 1:21pm

More Proof That the Book World's Literary/SF Division is Increasingly…

This week sees the release of Colson Whitehead's zombie novel Zone One, and he's been doing a slew of interviews in which he affirms that reading science fiction and comic books (especially H.P. Lovecraft) made him want to be a writer. » 10/19/11 8:40am 10/19/11 8:40am