Patients suffering from locked-in syndrome can speak with their pupils

Locked-in syndrome (LIS) is the harrowing condition that leaves fully conscious patients unable to communicate due to complete paralysis. Now, researchers have uncovered a new way to help victims of LIS communicate with the outside world — by measuring changes in the diameter of their pupils. » 8/06/13 9:00am 8/06/13 9:00am

After a 7-year coma, Ariel Sharon has "significant" brain activity

Former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon has been in a deep coma for 7 years, but scientists say that he now shows signs of normal brain activity. After a stroke in 2006, the politician lapsed into a vegetative state and has been kept alive on a respirator. Reports the AP: » 1/28/13 11:40am 1/28/13 11:40am

Man in coma uses his thoughts to tell doctors, 'I'm not in pain'

Back in 2010, neuroscientists confirmed that it was possible to communicate with some patients locked in a vegetative state by using an fMRI scanner. Though limited, the breakthrough suggested that more meaningful dialogue with patients in a coma could someday be possible. And now, two years later, it has finally… » 11/13/12 6:30am 11/13/12 6:30am

This Week's TV: Nathan Fillion and Neil Patrick Harris reunite, in the

What's on television this week? Ridley Scott and Tony Scott bring you the ultimate horror, from the writer of Black Swan — featuring Geena Davis, James Woods and Richard Dreyfuss! Robot Chicken returns with a tribute to DC Comics, featuring Nathan Fillion as a superhero and Neil Patrick Harris as a supervillain. » 9/03/12 9:19am 9/03/12 9:19am