Nerve cells may have evolved in animals twice

Ctenophores, also known as the "comb jellies", are an ancient phyla of animals. They have no HOX genes, at least some of which are present in every other animal except themselves and sponges. They lack many of the basic immune system adaptations common to all other animals, including sponges. » 5/26/14 1:41pm 5/26/14 1:41pm

Your oldest living relative is a jelly, not a sponge. An active debate among zoologists as to which ancient creature is the first true animal was just settled after an analysis of the comb jelly genome. Turns out we are descended from these ctenophores — a species that emerged 700 million years ago — and not sea… » 12/13/13 4:00pm 12/13/13 4:00pm

See a jellyfish-like creature imitate Batman at the bottom of the sea

Last year, a videographer from Neptune Canada spotted this odd creature floating deep under the northeastern Pacific Ocean off of Vancouver Island. Was Batman having a brave and bold adventure with The Atom in his new micro-Bat-bathyscape? Not exactly. This bobbing Bat-signal is a cilia-covered predatory cnidarian… » 5/30/12 7:30am 5/30/12 7:30am