The Beer of Thrones is not safe for pregnant women, Dothraki, anybody

Comediva cooked up a little commercial for the Beer of Thrones, a no-doubt hearty ale which has some unfortunate side effects for those who drink it... and those who happen to be standing nearby those who drink it. Frankly, I think everybody should consider themselves lucky no one ended up channeling Theon's new buddy. »5/23/13 7:40pm5/23/13 7:40pm


If you watch one more Gangnam Style parody, make it Klingon Style

Yes, there have been a lot of Gangnam Style parody videos, and there are sure to be plenty more, but how many of those are performed in Klingon? Comediva introduces us to the wonders of Klingon Style, complete with tri-dimensional chess, a dancing Data, and a little Vulcan kid with some real moves. We don't get… »9/29/12 3:30pm9/29/12 3:30pm