Watch Drunk History Slur Its Way Through An Explanation of the Big Bang Theory

Comedy Central’s hilarious Drunk History—a show in which comedians get sloppy-drunk and share historical tales, which then are acted out by sober actors who earnestly lip-sync every slurred line of dialogue—kicked off its third season last night with a little special something for science geeks. »9/02/15 7:11pm9/02/15 7:11pm

Meet the Authors of the Encyclopedia of Hypothetical Police Procedurals!

Yesterday, we raved about the Encyclopedia of Hypothetical Police Procedurals, a.k.a. our new favorite humor blog about goofy cop shows that don’t exist, but should (like the outer space-set NYPD Blue Moon!) We’re obsessed, and we had to reach out to authors Luke Burns and James Folta for more. »7/22/15 2:20pm7/22/15 2:20pm

Our Spoiler-Free First Impressions of Campy Slasher Comedy Scream Queens

Scream Queens’ Jamie Lee Curtis is perfection. On the gory new campus comedy from Glee’s Ryan Murphy, the horror legend plays a deliciously arch, newly-promoted Dean of Students who haaates sororities. We saw the first episode, and wondered: can the rest of the show keep up with Curtis? »7/13/15 7:15pm7/13/15 7:15pm

Father And Son Work Out Their Issues While Battling Time-Traveling Robot

A new father meets the time-traveling adult version of his infant son in the comedy short Future Hero. When an android is sent from the future to kill his son as a baby this father has to team up with the resentful adult version of his boy. And while trying to save his son, he may just save their relationship. »4/14/15 4:42pm4/14/15 4:42pm