Seth Rogen's Congressional Alzheimer's Testimony Is Goddamn Delightful

Yesterday, Seth Rogen testified before a Senate subcommittee, pleading for more awareness of and support for Alzheimer's research. It was — like most things Rogen does — endearing as hell. But unlike the characters Rogen typically plays, it was also brave, altruistic, and kind of badass. » 2/27/14 11:30am 2/27/14 11:30am

Reggie Watts is the greatest science teacher of all time

Reggie Watts is a star in so many fields — comedy, music, funny voices — but who knew teaching science to high school students (in the '70s, apparently?) would be one of them? So take a few to minutes learn with these kids about the wonders of single-celled organisms, protons, dimensional space, and day drinking. » 2/05/14 4:40pm 2/05/14 4:40pm

What's the greatest science fiction or fantasy comedy of all time?

Science fiction and fantasy can expand your mind and thrill your senses — but they can also make you laugh your head off. Some of the funniest books, movies and TV shows are science fiction. But what's the funniest fantasy or science fiction comedy ever? » 1/07/14 2:12pm 1/07/14 2:12pm

Classic Doctor Who actors try to join the special in a hilarious short

Worried about which Doctors would and would not appear in the 50th Anniversary Special? So were some of the actors who portrayed the Doctor in the classic Doctor Who episodes. In the comedy short The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot, Peter Davison teams up with his fellow Doctors to take their rightful places in front of the… » 11/23/13 4:45pm 11/23/13 4:45pm

Simon Pegg explains the ending of The World's End

The World's End is a really funny movie — but it's also a thought-provoking piece of science fiction, with a somewhat controversial ending. When we interviewed the stars and director of the film, we asked Simon Pegg about his take on the ending, and here's what he told us. » 8/26/13 4:32pm 8/26/13 4:32pm

John Hodgman explains the end of the world to you

John Hodgman is the world's foremost expert on all things canny and uncanny, and everything in between. And today marks the release of Ragnarok, his one-hour comedy special about the apocalypse, via Netflix. To celebrate, we talked to him about the meaning of apocalyptic stories, and why he doesn't love zombies. » 6/20/13 12:46pm 6/20/13 12:46pm

What's better after the apocalypse: dick jokes or poop jokes? We asked…

Emma Watson, aka Hermione from the Harry Potter movies, shows up and steals supplies from James Franco and his friends, in the latest trailer for This is the End. But how did Rogen and his co-director/co-writer Evan Goldberg coax a crazy comedy performance out of Watson? And what sort of humor was going too far for… » 4/03/13 2:09pm 4/03/13 2:09pm