Help Bring This Queer Science Fiction Comics Anthology To Life

Looking for comics that feature a wide variety of sexualities and genders? Want all-ages science fiction and fantasy stories where the characters are “unquestionably queer” and their gender and sexuality isn’t treated as an allegory? Then check out the crowdfunding campaign for the upcoming comics anthology Beyond. » 4/02/15 3:20pm 4/02/15 3:20pm

In Beautiful Darkness, a fairy tale life is inextricably tied to death

You've seen countless stories about cute little creatures living secretly in our world, but you've never read one like Beautiful Darkness. It's a world that's as adorable as it is cruel, where life is beautiful but also cheap, and where death is omnipresent... in more ways than one. Read our exclusive preview and… » 2/12/14 1:00pm 2/12/14 1:00pm

Saturday Webcomic: Spindrift is one of this year's most gorgeous…

Last week, we spotlighted some of this year's best new and short webcomics, but there are plenty of remarkable and beautiful webcomics that launched this year that could have made the list. One of those comics is fantasy webcomic Spindrift, by artist and author Elsa Kroese and co-writer Charlotte English. Spindrift » 12/29/12 8:30am 12/29/12 8:30am

What if Iggy Pop was Kamandi the Last Boy on Earth?

Over at the ever-entertaining Comic Twart, illustrator Tom Fowler and colorist Kyle Latino have realized that Stooges-era Iggy Pop had some interesting parallels with Jack Kirby's Last Boy on Earth. This would have been my third favorite Iggy Pop film role, right after Yelgrun and The Adventures of Pete and Pete. » 11/06/11 10:10am 11/06/11 10:10am