Robert Picardo Tells io9 About Replacing Trek's Data And Stargate's Tapping

We were lucky enough to catch up with Robert Picardo, who's joined the cast of Stargate Atlantis full-time as the obnoxious Richard Woolsey. He told us what it's like to take over command from Amanda Tapping's Samantha Carter. We also talked to Picardo about working with notorious comedian Andy Dick on Star Trek:… »8/16/08 5:00pm8/16/08 5:00pm


Why Is Jewel Staite Always In Bondage? We Asked Her

Jewel Staite is best known for playing the mechanic Kaylee on grungy space-opera show Firefly. But if the writers of Stargate Atlantis have their way, she'll become better known for being bound and gagged in the woods. She mentioned on the Stargate panel at Comic-Con that her character, Dr. Keller, is in bondage in a… »8/08/08 4:40pm8/08/08 4:40pm

Doctor Who's Julie Gardner Tells io9 The Secret Of Keeping Captain Jack Happy

The unsung hero of time-travel show Doctor Who and its spin-offs isn't K-9 the tin dog, it's executive producer Julie Gardner. She's kept the flashing light from flying off the top of the Police Box time machine since the beginning. We were lucky enough to sit down with her at Comic-Con and ask her about Doctor Who's… »8/08/08 3:53pm8/08/08 3:53pm

Gaius Baltar Is The Teflon Scapegoat, James Callis Tells io9

We had two chances at Comic-Con to talk to James Callis about his cult following as Battlestar Galactica's Gaius Baltar. The first time, he told us about his amazingleadership secrets, and explained the difference between political and religious leadership. The second time, he talked to us more about the choices he… »8/07/08 3:06pm8/07/08 3:06pm

io9 Talks To Ben Browder And Amanda Tapping About Stargate's Legacy

We caught up with Stargate stars Ben Browder and Amanda Tapping at the Sci Fi/EW party at Comic-Con, and got a chance to ask them some fun questions. We talked to Browder about what it's like to embody the heroic archetype, and whether he'd ever want to play a supervillain. And Tapping told us the difference between… »8/01/08 5:00pm8/01/08 5:00pm

We Will See Tahmoh Penikett's Dark Side In Dollhouse

Tahmoh Penikett plays the only character on Battlestar Galactica who always does the right thing, no matter what. (And he was very happy when we told him that, because apparently people are still mad at Helo for stopping the Cylon plague in season three.) But in Joss Whedon's new show Dollhouse, we're going to get to… »7/31/08 2:00pm7/31/08 2:00pm

Eureka's Sheriff Carter Is Codependent Alex Keaton, Star Tells io9

Mad-science-ville show Eureka is back on Sci Fi tonight, and we had a chance to talk to star Colin Ferguson and producer Jaime Paglia the other night. Ferguson shared some insights about why straight-and-narrow sheriff Carter might have so many bohemian relatives. Click through to find out what's going to be new and… »7/29/08 11:40am7/29/08 11:40am

BSG's Tricia Helfer Answers Our Dorky Sex Robot Questions

We were lucky enough to talk with Tricia Helfer, who plays the gorgeous Cylon infiltrator Six on Battlestar Galactica. And we wanted to ask her a question inspired by Charles Stross' new novel Saturn's Children: if the Cylons succeeded in wiping out the human race, would Six feel sad that there was nobody left to… »7/28/08 6:40pm7/28/08 6:40pm

Sarah Connor Producer Tells io9 The Terminators' Deepest Secrets

Click to viewJosh Friedman is the creator of Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, one of last season's most interesting scifi shows, complete with time traveling, kickass Terminator fights, and Heathers riffs. Plus, next season, the cast will be joined by Shirley "Garbage" Manson and Busy "Freaks And Geeks" Phillips.… »7/28/08 5:40pm7/28/08 5:40pm

Comic-Con 2008 Wrapup: Get the Big Fat Summary of All the Shinest Things We Saw

Comic-Con was psychotic, exhausting and wonderful. We're sorry if you got turned away from our packed io9 panel on "science fiction that can change your life," but we've summarized it to mollify you. More importantly, we've broken down our coverage from Comic-Con into bite-sized, easily-navigated chunks below. Find… »7/28/08 3:00pm7/28/08 3:00pm

Exclusive: Matthew Fox Tells io9 How He Played Two Jacks At Once

Matthew Fox played two guys in Lost season four: the confident, take-charge Jack on the island, and the haunted, addicted Jack in the future. We got a chance to talk to Fox one-on-one about how he went back and forth between those two Jacks. And also how he's going to play a more "spiritual" Jack in season five. We… »7/27/08 7:00pm7/27/08 7:00pm

Who's Responsible For No Star Trek At Comic-Con, Really?

Much to everyone's surprise, yesterday's Fringe panel - featuring Star Trek director JJ Abrams and Star Trek writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman - didn't include a special sneak preview of next summer's reboot of Space and The Final Frontier. It's not that any such preview had been announced (just the opposite, in… »7/27/08 6:20pm7/27/08 6:20pm