Why Do Big Comic Crossovers Always Have To Be About Alternate Universes?

Everybody loves alternate universes — TV's Fringe proved that meeting different versions of the same character is always fascinating. But when it comes to superhero comics, though, every big storyline is about universes colliding. Here's why the superhero publishers are running the multiverse into the ground. »4/14/15 12:30pm4/14/15 12:30pm


Why Marvel’s upcoming "Age of Ultron" may actually be the event that changes everything

If you're a comics fan, you've heard it a million times (literally. Go back and count): "This changes everything!" Marvel or DC touts some big comic event, some major character dies, Cap gets his shield broken, Batman gets a new sidekick whatever… and eventually it all goes back to normal and nothing has really… »11/20/12 10:17am11/20/12 10:17am