The One Change That Could Get True Detective Back On Track For Season 3

Season 2 of True Detective wrapped up last Sunday with a less-than-stellar finale: the various story lines mostly came together, but this season lacked much of the impact and focus of the HBO show’s first season. Allow me to suggest one change that should help the show get back on track: Take the story out of the… »8/15/15 8:00pm8/15/15 8:00pm

A Great Rundown of all the Avengers Secrets Revealed in Joss Whedon's Commentary

Over at, there's a super-comprehensive list of all of the stuff you can learn by watching the director's commentary on The Avengers. Including director Joss Whedon pointing out some of the weaknesses and plot holes in his own script, the fact that Mark Ruffalo kept telling Whedon it wasn't too late to recast… »9/28/12 4:17pm9/28/12 4:17pm

How philosophy explains why Steven Moffat's monsters are seriously fucking scary

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has created some of the series' most frightening monsters, including the Weeping Angel aliens in "Blink" who creep up when you glance away. This season, the Edvard Munch-inspired aliens called The Silence have a strange but potent superpower: the instant they leave the frame of… »5/13/11 5:00pm5/13/11 5:00pm