What Gawker Media Is Doing About Our Rape Gif Problem

On Monday, we posted an open letter to the management of Gawker Media, our parent company, regarding an ongoing problem that we here at Jezebel could no longer tolerate: horribly violent rape gifs that were consistently appearing in our comments. For months, we asked Gawker Media HQ for help with the trolling — but… » 8/13/14 11:00am 8/13/14 11:00am

New io9 comment feature helps moderators give you feedback on your…

We do our best to keep our site's comments troll- and abuse-free, but there's always room for improvement. Our new comment reassignment feature allows your comment moderators to dole out warnings and suspensions, and explain why they did so. » 9/09/10 1:20pm 9/09/10 1:20pm

FAQ On Starred Commenters

The Gawker Network has been experimenting for a while with this "star system" in which starred commenters get to be "featured" commenters and promote other people's comments. And it's up to each site in the network to figure out how to make this system work. We're trying to move towards a fluid system where we use the… » 4/01/10 11:59am 4/01/10 11:59am

How To Expand io9 Comments So You See All Replies

You may have noticed that the comment threads on io9 are automatically collapsed, so replies to comments don't show up. You can always click "read replies" to read the responses to one particular comment, or scroll to the bottom and click "expand all comments" to see all threads. But what if you want comment threads… » 2/12/10 12:48pm 2/12/10 12:48pm

Try Out Some New io9 Commenter Forums!

Last week, we introduced forums on io9. They were pretty buggy, but we've unleashed a bunch of Jedi knights who killed the bugs. Now we've got some functioning forums for you to try. Or make your own! » 10/22/09 1:00pm 10/22/09 1:00pm