Hugo Weaving suits up as Agent Smith to sell GE products... they've seen The Matrix, right?

While completely befuddling we're super excited that the Wachowskis gave GE their blessing to pay for one last moment with The Matrix's Agent Smith. We're not sure why a giant electric company would want a dangerous virus that hates the stink of humanity to market its product but who cares? The more Hugo Weaving, the… »4/12/13 7:30pm4/12/13 7:30pm


Slick futuristic anime about the hunt for a legendary food truck is the greatest car commercial ever

How do you get folks to watch a six-minute commercial for Mercedes-Benz? You hire the animators at Production I.G. to produce Next A-Class, a short movie featuring a futuristic city, movable streets, and a food truck whose noodles are legendarily delicious. Oh, and you feature your Mercedes tearing through those… »11/18/12 5:00pm11/18/12 5:00pm