Skeletor, Jem, Gumby And Other Toys Really Want You To Buy A Honda

I'm not exactly sure what Honda is thinking by creating a whole commercial series where they let classic toys like Skeletor, Strawberry Shortcake, Stretch Armstong, and the Fisher-Price Little People shill their cars. But I guess I'm at least as likely to buy a car from He-Man's nemesis as I am an regular car salesman. »11/16/14 10:30am11/16/14 10:30am

The evil wizards of Time-Warner Cable have stolen Daenerys Targaryen's dragons from Game of Thrones

Like most cable companies, Time-Warner Cable is devoted to evil and making as many people miserable as possible, so it makes perfect sense to me that they would steal Daenerys' dragons just to film this commercial. The Seven know they have no problems stealing from their customers. »3/22/13 10:40am3/22/13 10:40am

Tim Burton is ready for the Zombie Unicorn Apocalypse, even if reality isn't

Sorry to post a commercial as news, but this little Samsung USA ad about Tim Burton meeting a small iOS game company to make a movie based on their hit game Zombie Unicorn Apocalyse, was cute enough that we thought we could make an exception, what with its zombie unicorns and Tim Burtons and such. The sad truth is,… »2/25/13 5:30pm2/25/13 5:30pm