This experimental dance film is most hypnotizing thing you'll watch today

The movement of a dancer is dichotomous. A physically expressive dance can last for minutes, but its individual movements, poses and positions are ephemeral to the viewer. Videos of dance pose the same problem, and while a photograph can capture a choreography's fleeting configurations, it usually does so at the… »2/28/13 9:55am2/28/13 9:55am

These photographs of nude dancers are absolutely stunning — and 100% SFW

Despite appearances, these are not long exposure photographs. Long exposure shots of risqué subjects — like this one of two people having sex — are often equally "safe" for work, but somehow lack the definitive blur of body parts, the undeniable signature of human motion, that you see in the images featured here. »12/27/12 4:32pm12/27/12 4:32pm