How to film an epic New York battle scene without actually being in New York

As hard as this is to believe, very little of The Avengers was shot in New York City, including the epic finale. To pull off the trick, the Industrial Light and Magic crew created an intricately detailed 20-block "digital playground" that was mapped against the real thing. Check out this video to see how they pulled… »2/25/13 5:20pm2/25/13 5:20pm

A mathematical impossibility that became possible, thanks to early computer graphics

Turning a sphere inside-out was thought to be impossible for decades. It was officially declared possible in 1958, but remained impossible to picture. It was only until the 1970s, when a graphics expert got involved, that people could finally see the craziest bubbling of a beach ball ever mathematically conceived of. »12/19/11 3:26pm12/19/11 3:26pm