10 Most Brilliant Con Artists In Science Fiction And Fantasy

Great cons belong to that special category — along with heists — of things that are very fun in fiction but not something you want happening to you. And con artists in fiction are usually charming, smart, and have an abhorrence of violence. Here are the 10 greatest con artists in science fiction and fantasy »5/25/15 12:00pm5/25/15 12:00pm


The Neuroscience That Explains Why You Fall for Con Artists

Chances are, your email has included a scam recently. We're all familiar with the famous Nigerian Prince scam, and we see phishing emails all the time. But confidence tricksters have a long history of varied games, going back centuries. Almost all of these tricks, however, depend on a certain aspect of neurochemistry. »7/18/12 2:02pm7/18/12 2:02pm