Astronaut Chris Hadfield says Gravity was good but needed more diapers

The amazing Chris Hadfield saw Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity movie and he thought it was extremely well done... except for a certain lack of adult diapers, as he told Conan O'Brien on Conan last night. I'm afraid I'm with Conan on this one; I appreciate any movie's attempt at accuracy, but I also appreciate not seeing… » 11/12/13 6:30am 11/12/13 6:30am

Norman Reedus' early crossbow training for Walking Dead did not go well

While we all now know TWD's Daryl Dixon as a zombie-killing badass, actor Norman Reedus needed a great deal of crossbow training before he could play the role so effectively. As Conan O'Brien's research team discovered via this footage, Reedus had a lot to learn when he first picked up Daryl's crossbow. » 11/05/13 7:45am 11/05/13 7:45am

Conan O'Brien's superheroic alter ego, The Flaming C, cameos on Young…

On Conan O'Brien last night, The Flaming C, the superhero he invented with acclaimed DC animator Bruce Timm, appeared in this dramatic reel from Young Justice. Sure, he's just spliced over Superman, but seriously, The Flaming C needs JLA membership stat. » 1/11/11 7:35am 1/11/11 7:35am