The Revolutionary Future Of Magazines Will Arrive This Summer!

All of the pieces are coming together for a new magazine distribution model, and by June the shape of things to come will be obvious, predicts Folio Magazine's Josh Gordon in a breathless piece. E-readers are so prominent and becoming so cheap, people called this the "year of the e-reader" at the Consumer Electronics… »1/14/10 12:30pm1/14/10 12:30pm


"Karl Lagerfeld Is Not Actually A Ninja": The Future Of Magazines

Print magazines are becoming more luxurious on their way to obsolescence, says former Condé Nast editorial director James Truman. Speaking at the "Quickie" performance evening in San Francisco, Truman talked about why he left Condé Nast and what he's learned about the future of print publishing. Hint: It has to do… »9/11/08 12:00pm9/11/08 12:00pm