"Haunted" By Guilt For 33 Years, Milwaukee Man Finally Confesses to Murder

Jose Ferreira was 16 when 13-year-old Carrie Ann Jopek went missing from a Milwaukee house party they both attended in 1982; her body was found 17 months later buried beneath the home’s porch. Though he was considered a suspect at the time, he denied any knowledge of her death. Until now. »10/20/15 3:20pm10/20/15 3:20pm


I honestly thought this Return of the Jedi scene was real all my life

I keep getting my dreams shattered. When I was a kid I thought the Rebel Alliance hangar could have been a real stage but it was just one of many matte paintings, an example of ILM's visual sorcery. But the scene of the Emperor coming to the Death Star? I was absolutely, 100-percent convinced that it was real. »1/09/15 1:46pm1/09/15 1:46pm