Lucid Dreaming Can Be Induced By Zapping Brains With Gamma Waves

By administering mild electric currents to the brain, neuroscientists from Frankfurt University have successfully induced self-awareness in sleeping volunteers. Amazingly, the technique could be used to help people take better control of their dreams. But it's also a discovery that's offering critical insights into… »5/14/14 12:00pm5/14/14 12:00pm

10 Books That Will Change the Way You Understand the Mind

A new wave of science fiction, from the show Person of Interest to the movie Her, features artificial intelligences whose minds are truly alien. These AIs have plural selves, or many identities running in parallel; they are basically hive minds within one consciousness. But this idea of a hive mind has a long history… »1/13/14 2:19pm1/13/14 2:19pm

The chief science officer for the Allen Institute for Brain Science says that consciousness arises w

The chief science officer for the Allen Institute for Brain Science says that consciousness arises within any sufficiently complex information-processing system, whether it be worms or the Internet. It's a modern take on an ancient concept: panpsychism. Wired's Brandon Keim recently caught up with Christof Koch to… »11/14/13 6:20pm11/14/13 6:20pm

These 19th-century diagrams were one man's attempt to illustrate human consciousness

Could you represent the stages of human consciousness with a diagram? In the late 19th century, New Zealand psychologist Benjamin Betts tried to apply mathematics to the problem of visualizing human consciousness. What he produced were striking, almost floral designs that he believed represented the shape of out… »11/25/12 8:00pm11/25/12 8:00pm

A new tool that could help us measure awareness in comatose patients

One of the more frustrating aspects of treating patients who are in a vegetative or minimally conscious state is that we really have no idea just how conscious or unconscious they really are. As a consequence, medical practitioners are left guessing about how to best treat their patients, while family members… »10/16/12 5:40pm10/16/12 5:40pm

Neuroscientists take aim at Naomi Wolf's theory of the "conscious vagina"

Well, if Naomi Wolf wanted to draw attention to herself through the publication of her new book, Vagina: A New Biography, she has certainly succeeded — though it may not be the kind of attention she was hoping for. A number of commentators have taken exception to her unfortunate foray into neuroscience, particularly… »9/06/12 5:40pm9/06/12 5:40pm

Prominent scientists sign declaration that animals have conscious awareness, just like us

An international group of prominent scientists has signed The Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness in which they are proclaiming their support for the idea that animals are conscious and aware to the degree that humans are — a list of animals that includes all mammals, birds, and even the octopus. But will this… »8/23/12 8:00pm8/23/12 8:00pm