This Man Is About to Put a Robot in Your Pocket

What will it take for robots to become as common in our homes and daily lives as smartphones, TVs, and computers? Ask roboticist Tomotaka Takahashi. The famous Tokyo professor aims to be “the Steve Jobs of robotics,” by moving away from technical specs and emphasizing design, as well as pure bot charisma. » 8/27/15 1:32pm Thursday 1:32pm

Which of Your Toys Will Suck Most Next Year?

Good magazine has whipped up an amazing chart that shows how much energy your electronic toys will suck up next year — even when they're turned off. Most electronics stay in standby mode when turned off, maintaining a clock in a microwave, say, or a timer in your DVR that tells it when to turn on. After the jump, see… » 12/17/07 7:00am 12/17/07 7:00am