Scientists Make Bricks With Sludge Filtered From Arsenic-Laced Water

Arsenic-contaminated water is a massive problem in the developing world. But, even when you filter it out, the toxic sludge that the process produces often gets dumped right back into the water supply. It's tough to dream up a use for arsenic soup, but one research team finally has: They're making bricks out of it. » 3/31/14 5:32pm 3/31/14 5:32pm

A new report says that chemicals used in fracking may be causing serious hormonal disorders in humans, including those linked to cancer, low fertility rates, and decreased sperm quality. So, in addition to causing earthquakes and spewing radioactive water, fracking also appears to mess up our endocrine system. » 12/20/13 4:10pm 12/20/13 4:10pm

The ultimate 1980s scifi and fantasy movie mixtape

Science fiction and fantasy films of the 1980s were filled with a ton of memorable, iconic, and patently ridiculous music. Here are 30+ of the decade's finest (and most painful) movie tunes for your listening pleasure. » 12/15/10 12:37pm 12/15/10 12:37pm

This Is What Happens When You Don't Vote For Kodos

Kodos comes to a coffee plantation to lay hundreds of alien eggs, so his offspring can bust out of people Ridley Scott-style. And women can't resist walking towards Kodos' glowing eye. It all leads to the funniest death scene ever. » 11/17/09 9:11pm 11/17/09 9:11pm