Tell Us What Sex Ed in the United States Is Really Like 

It’s hard to talk about sex education in the United States. Not just because conservative protesters try to prevent their local schools from teaching it, but because–as John Oliver pointed out last month in a spot-on segment of Last Week Tonight–lesson plans in US schools are wildly inconsistent, varying dramatically… »9/15/15 12:40pm9/15/15 12:40pm

Before we invented the tough, tearable plastic we use for condom wrappers, condoms came in tins of t

Before we invented the tough, tearable plastic we use for condom wrappers, condoms came in tins of three. And as this 2006 post on Cardhouse shows, those tins were a canvas for some pretty amusing advertising. Like the Three Cadets “standing at attention”, or Dr. Robinson’s prescription pad (oh, these are just for my … »9/03/15 11:30am9/03/15 11:30am

Why Birth Control Dispensers Look the Way They Do

The first working model of the now-iconic birth control pill dispenser is in the Smithsonian’s history collection. It’s built out of clear plastic, paper, and double-sided tape, held together by a snap from a child’s toy, with slices of wooden dowel standing in for pills. It was created to solve a vexing problem. »7/01/15 3:00pm7/01/15 3:00pm

This Book Got The Author Sentenced to Three Months Hard Labor

Charles Knowlton didn’t think much of the laws of Massachusetts, at least when they interfered with his medical practice. By the time he opened a practice in the town of Ashfield, he had already been arrested in Amherst, MA for selling “infidel” books and had spent two months in the Worcester County Jail for grave… »6/19/15 11:30am6/19/15 11:30am

The Future of Just-For-Fun Sex Sounds Like No Fun at All

Professor Carl Djerassi, Austrian-American chemist and inventor of the Pill, recently made an interesting prediction in the Telegraph: that, by 2050, most babies in the West will be born via IVF, thereby making all sex recreational. Yes! Let's go get our free-spirited fuck on because oh wait yeah no this is terrible. »11/15/14 3:38pm11/15/14 3:38pm

Should A Virile Bear Be Castrated To Give Other Bears A Chance?

According to some estimates, approximately 1 in 200 men living today in historical Mongolia are descendents of Genghis Khan. Likewise, one particularly virile bear living in western Europe is the father, grandfather, or great-grandfather of every other bear born in his territory for the last two decades. »6/10/14 10:39am6/10/14 10:39am

How can a small piece of copper prevent you from getting pregnant?

Birth control comes in all shapes and sizes, from the incredibly high-tech to the ridiculously simple. So if you're worried about the long-term effects of taking hormones, or tired of taking a daily birth-control pill, there's always another method of birth control that's simple, cheap and effective: the Copper T. The… »9/18/12 2:07pm9/18/12 2:07pm

Researchers create a new male contraceptive that you apply like lotion

It's been a half-century since the advent of a reliable birth control option for women, and we've developed virtually nothing similar for men. But now, owing to research done at Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, an innovative new treatment holds promise as a reversible birth… »6/25/12 7:30pm6/25/12 7:30pm

Men could soon blast their balls with soundwaves to prevent pregnancy

What if the male version of the birth control pill wasn't a pill at all? Scientists from the University of North Carolina say a non-oral form of male contraception is on the horizon. According to researchers, all it takes to be effective is a couple blasts of high frequency sound waves...delivered straight to the… »1/30/12 10:00am1/30/12 10:00am

Radio-Controlled, Implantable Sperm Valve is New Vasectomy

Vasectomies are a great form of birth control, but the downside is that they're hard to reverse. Now researchers in Australia have come up with a penis implant that could control sperm flow at the flick of a switch. Operated via remote control, the implant would act as a sort of valve, blocking sperm sometimes and… »1/29/08 3:26pm1/29/08 3:26pm