The Science Behind the Quest to Bake the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

Serious Eats Chief Creative Officer J. Kenji Lopez-Alt baked 1,536 cookies in his quest to find his personal perfect chocolate chip cookie, and he has been kind enough to share the results of his baking experiments in a fascinating longread that explains the chemistry behind these classic cookies. » 12/21/13 4:00pm 12/21/13 4:00pm

Graphic anatomy cookies make anus and duodenum taste delicious

Have you ever wished to sink your teeth into a human gall bladder, but don't want to risk the jail time? Baker Miss Insomnia Tulip has recreated various human organs as macarons for the Eat Your Heart Out exhibition, for which she's also cooked up a smallpox-themed cake. Her heart cookies (at right) also make one… » 9/04/12 1:30pm 9/04/12 1:30pm