Some coral reefs could survive environmental changes for a very unexpected reason

We're losing the coral reefs. There's no two ways about it — these massive enclaves of marine life are on the decline. But the secret to saving the coral could be less diversity, not more. We generally think of diverse populations as being more flexible and resistant to harm, able to respond in a robust way to many… »8/30/12 9:40am8/30/12 9:40am

The Weird Surfaces Of Undersea Life, In Crochet And Plastic Trash

Weirdest science art we've seen lately: artists working with the Institute for Figuring have recreated the hyperbolic surfaces of undersea reefs using the plastic garbage that is helping to kill them — plus a lot of crocheting as well. Artworks include "The Ladies' Silurian Atoll" and "Cambrian Explosion Reef." »5/26/09 4:00pm5/26/09 4:00pm