How The Sugar Industry Continues To Subvert Public Health Policies

A recent analysis of nearly 320 internal sugar industry documents from 1959 to 1971 shows how the industry sought to influence the setting of U.S. research priorities during that time. Disturbingly, it's a strategy that continues to this very day. » 3/11/15 1:20pm 3/11/15 1:20pm

Chart: Who owns our modern myths and legends?

Our modern era doesn't just celebrate stories about gods and demi-gods — we have a whole host of new mythic figures that we obsess about, from Luke Skywalker to Superman to Captain Kirk. But who owns these legends? » 9/08/11 12:00pm 9/08/11 12:00pm

Can The Companies That Own Your Genes Be Stopped?

A lawsuit aims to take back ownership over your genome from the corporations that claim the building-blocks of life as their property. But is it already too late? » 6/04/09 2:00pm 6/04/09 2:00pm

Fictional Companies That Destroy the World

Click to view » 11/11/08 12:00pm 11/11/08 12:00pmWALL*E, Pixar’s tale of a future Earth destroyed by corporate greed, seems prescient now in a world of bank bailouts, undulating stock markets, and a global credit crisis. The end of the world could come from an alien invasion or a natural disaster, but it could also come from the companies we interact…