Learn How To Be A Better Wildlife Photographer

You don't have to travel far to shoot decent wildlife photos. Other than spending some time practicing at the zoo or with your pets, why not take your camera to a nearby park or hiking trail? Birds and squirrels and lizards and the like may not be as charismatic as zebras or pandas, but they make for interesting… »3/29/14 2:15pm3/29/14 2:15pm

What Can Crows and Ravens Teach People About Resisting Temptation?

By now you probably know about Walter Mischel's famous 1972 marshmallow task, which used the tasty snacks to measure impulse control in children. What you might not know is why marshmallows can help us better understand what it means to be human. A new study, in which crows and ravens were subjected to a version of… »3/12/14 4:09pm3/12/14 4:09pm