Evidence that our universe may have collided with another universe

This image reveals something bizarre about our early universe. On a large scale, there are greater temperature fluctuations to the right of the gray line than to the left. Could we be seeing the bruise from an early smashup with another universe? Some physicists think so. » 6/24/13 4:07pm 6/24/13 4:07pm

The Planck Satellite Discovers Extra Dark Matter In the Universe

This week, the Planck Satellite team announced major findings from over a year of observations of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB), or the radioactive sludge that lingers in our universe from the beginning of time, right after the Big Bang. And while there's a lot to digest, I wanted to give you some high points… » 3/22/13 7:00am 3/22/13 7:00am

Does our solar system have a special connection to the structure of…

For the past five hundred years, we've been looking out at the universe and assuming that we, with our little planet and our little solar system, were nothing special. And then we sent out a probe to measure the cosmic microwave background. It gave us some data that makes it seem like we might be a bigger deal than we … » 3/07/13 12:49pm 3/07/13 12:49pm

Alternative dark matter particle could explain the universe's lithium…

After hydrogen and helium, lithium is the lightest and simplest element in the universe. It should have been everywhere right after the Big Bang...but the data shows a mysterious shortage. The explanation may point to an unlikely dark matter candidate. » 2/23/12 11:19am 2/23/12 11:19am

The galactic haze that surrounds the Milky Way is a baffling mystery

Back in late 2010, astrophysicists spotted two gargantuan, gamma-ray emitting bubbles mysteriously coming out of the galactic center. Now the bubbles have an equally baffling companion: a strange haze of microwaves that extends through the galaxy, and "defies explanation." » 2/14/12 4:17pm 2/14/12 4:17pm

Why is the universe pointing in one direction?

While the faster-than-light neutrinos are grabbing all the physics-shattering attention, there's another strange, unexplained anomaly that might be about to rewrite our understanding of the cosmos. It's all because the universe isn't as monotonous as it should be. » 12/11/11 2:25pm 12/11/11 2:25pm

Gigantic gravitational waves could explain the universe's biggest…

Modern physics assumes the universe is the same all over... but that might not be the case. Until recently, physics held that the universe was contracting... now we're stuck with dark energy. But one moderately insane new theory could explain it all. » 9/27/11 4:00pm 9/27/11 4:00pm