The Thermians Are at Worldcon Looking For Their Next Space Hero. Is It You?

We’ve seen some pretty great costumes thus far at Worldcon 2015—but our favorite thing thus far was this group of Thermians from the movie Galaxy Quest. They were doing the voices and the mannerisms and everything. But what if they’re real and that movie is a documentary? What then? » 8/21/15 2:00pm 8/21/15 2:00pm

Marvel's September Comics Are Covered With Awesome Cosplayers

Cosplay is a huge part of fandom these days, and companies are embracing the ridiculous talent and creativity of their fans more than ever. Marvel are getting literal with said support, too: They’ve announced that their September variant cover theme will highlight fan cosplay with some amazing photos. » 8/21/15 7:40am 8/21/15 7:40am

The Most Sensational Cosplay From D23, Part Two

At this point, Disney includes a shocking number of your most favorite stories and characters—so it’s not surprising that Disney’s D23 fan event included some mind-boggling cosplay. Including Squirrel Girl, Mary Poppins, Princess Leia, and much, much more. Here’s the rest of our favorite D23 cosplay! » 8/17/15 8:00am 8/17/15 8:00am

The Most Creative And Sensational Cosplay Of San Diego Comic Con 2015!

Forget Harrison Ford! We know who the real stars at Comic-Con are: the cosplayers. Every year, they show up and rock our worlds with their incredible creativity, design skills and deep appreciation for fan lore. Here’s a video roundup of the absolute best cosplay we saw at SDCC 2015. » 7/13/15 1:39pm 7/13/15 1:39pm