Game Of Thrones' Arya Will Be Unrecognizable In Her Season 5 Outfit

We're used to seeing Game of Thrones' Arya Stark in her functional, rugged clothes, often disguised as a boy. But next season, Arya will be getting a very different look—so different, in fact, that many people didn't recognize actress Maisie Williams the first time she wore it on set. Mild spoilers ahead. » 12/18/14 11:40am 12/18/14 11:40am

Playing with Science and Technology for Fantastic Costumes

As convention season heats up, we get a steady stream of fan tributes to various media characters in the form of elaborate costumes. While this is independently awesome, I'm particularly fascinated by just how much science, technology, and mathematics goes into design. » 6/08/14 12:01pm 6/08/14 12:01pm

Best Transformers Cosplayer Ever Turns From A Robot Into A Rolling Car

Here's a street performer who really commits to his role as a Transformer. He delights children by going from Bumblebee's robot form into a car that rolls around the sidewalk. » 5/17/14 12:00pm 5/17/14 12:00pm

Watch DragonLance's Kitiara and Skie come to cosplay life

When I was a kid, the Dragon Highlord Kitiara Uth Matar from the DragonLance books was one of my favorite fantasy characters, so I appreciate the excitement and work that went into creating Tabitha Lyons' elaborate Kitiara costume, accompanied by the blue dragon Skie. » 12/29/13 4:00pm 12/29/13 4:00pm

Holy Hell, This Year's io9 Halloween Costume Show Will Blow Your Mind

Halloween may be over, but there are still two unfinished pieces of business to wrap up: Finishing up that leftover pile of Halloween candy (no time like the present!) and checking out the amazing costumes from this year's Halloween Costume show! » 11/04/13 7:00am 11/04/13 7:00am

Sailor Freddie Mercury is the Queen of mashup costumes

avital posted the photo this rather brilliant costumed fellow hanging out in the subway. He's not just a Sailor Scout; he's Sailor Freddie Mercury. » 11/02/13 3:00pm 11/02/13 3:00pm

Microgravity adds authenticity to ISS astronaut's Superman costume

ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano wore a very simple Superman costume in honor of Halloween, but he gets extra points for floating around the International Space Station in a Superman pose. » 11/01/13 3:40pm 11/01/13 3:40pm

Gandalf the Fuchsia, Pet-o-ween and Krang, all on io9's Costume Show

Happy Halloween week! Our annual Halloween Costume Show is back for another round, and it's scary just how good you all look this year. Take a peek at the best of the best of what we saw last week — and then show us what you're planning on wearing this year. » 10/28/13 7:00am 10/28/13 7:00am

Steampunk Frankenstein's Monster is full of grotesque details

Legendary special effects artist Rick Baker is the undeniable king of Halloween with this steampunk reinterpretation of Frankenstein's Monster. The Monster is powered by an elaborate array of cyborg clockwork and brass fixtures now hold his stringy flesh in place. » 10/26/13 8:00am 10/26/13 8:00am

io9's Halloween Costume Show, Week 2: DIY Ways to Win Halloween!

Cosplayer reenacts RoboCop scene in her cardboard costume

This year, Comic Book Girl 19 built a remarkable cardboard RoboCop suit, and here we get to see it in movie action. She reenacts one of the classic scenes from the film, while flipping the bird at the remake. » 10/20/13 9:30am 10/20/13 9:30am

Disney princesses dress up as their favorite heroines

The Disney princesses get into the Halloween spirit in a series of pictures by Isaiah K Stephens. Stephens dresses each lady up as a battle-ready heroine. » 10/19/13 10:30am 10/19/13 10:30am

What Are You Wearing? It's Time for io9's Halloween Costume Show!

It's that time of year again. The leaves have begun to turn, the air has gone crisp, and one question is being bandied about across the nation: Who amongst us can pull off the Miley Cyrus teddy bear onesie? (Spoiler: No one can.) It's time for io9's annual Halloween Costume Show! » 10/14/13 7:30am 10/14/13 7:30am

Indiana Jones boulder scene, reenacted by a guy in a boulder suit

The famous golden idol scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark gets reenacted in an unlikely venue: Central Park. But somehow the boulder is less menacing when it's played by a fellow running around in a boulder costume. » 10/12/13 8:00am 10/12/13 8:00am

Holy crap, this woman's hanging GLaDOS cosplay is incredible

Unless you happen to be a potato, it isn't easy to dress up as Portal's malevolent AI GLaDOS. But Athena Cole, a.k.a. Enayla, commits to the costume by suspending herself from a frame. » 9/07/13 7:30am 9/07/13 7:30am

Six outfits considered for Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor

Now that we know Peter Capaldi is going to be the new Doctor, we're wondering what his signature wardrobe will be. These photos take us back to the days when Matt Smith's Doctor was still in development—as was his outfit. » 8/25/13 9:30am 8/25/13 9:30am