Hermit Crabs Line Themselves Up From Biggest To Smallest To Swap Shells

Seriously, HERMIT CRABS FORM ORDERLY QUEUES. In height order. To more efficiently trade shells. I, for one, welcome our new crustacean bureaucrats. » 11/12/14 4:00pm 11/12/14 4:00pm

Crab steals a video camera and tries to take it home

Sometimes, observing wildlife doesn't go quite the way you hoped it would. When Diederick Ryan decided to film the local crabs while on vacation, he didn't expect one of them to try to run off with the camera. » 1/03/14 11:20am 1/03/14 11:20am

Hermit crabs are the animal kingdom's most dickish neighbors

Most of the time, hermit crabs live up to their names, keeping to themselves and refusing to socialize with each other members of their species nearby. But sometimes hermit crabs hang out... and they're invariably total assholes to each other. » 10/28/12 3:00pm 10/28/12 3:00pm

Who wants to see a beach covered in a million hermit crabs?

If you still bear painful childhood memories of returning from elementary school only to discover that your pet hermit crab was surreptitiously whisked away to Papa Jehoshaphat's Hermit Crab Corral three states away — which is, incidentally, staffed entirely by crustacean-loving orphans — the following footage may… » 9/10/12 8:00am 9/10/12 8:00am

Glass shells let you see hermit crabs like you've never seen them before

When I was little, I fascinated by hermit crabs, tugging them out of their borrowed shells so I could see the soft bodies within. If I'd had access to Robert DuGrenier's blown glass shells, I might have spared many a hermit crab from trauma. » 8/04/12 1:00pm 8/04/12 1:00pm

Holy hell, this 15-pound giant crab isn't done growing yet

It's been well established that all wildlife Down Under has probably escaped from an undiscovered portal to the Land of the Lost. This latest catch only lends further credence to this truth. » 5/03/12 7:35pm 5/03/12 7:35pm

Badass warrior crab amputates its own claw on the battlefield

It took mountain climber Aron Ralston (and his onscreen counterpart, James Franco) 127 hours to amputate his own limb. It takes mere seconds for this crab to pull off its own claw after an unsuccessful attack on a blue-footed booby chick. » 2/04/12 9:30am 2/04/12 9:30am

Watching two Japanese swimming crabs have sex is insanely dramatic

One would not think that the sight of two swimming crabs (Portunus pelagicus) making whoopie would be an earth-shattering occasion. After all, this is a species that spends a hearty portion of its existence buried in mud. But when you slap some overly dramatic music over their amour, their reproductive habits become… » 12/18/11 7:30am 12/18/11 7:30am

The fantastically named yeti crab farms disgusting bacteria on its arms

Deep off the coasts of Costa Rica, this recently discovered species of yeti crab (Kiwa puravida) harvests their dinner over hydrothermal vents. But how? » 12/04/11 3:40pm 12/04/11 3:40pm

A manatee munitions factory takes flight

In Roland Tamayo's paintings, sea creatures find themselves punked out with modern-day technologies, transforming them into the vehicles and weapons of the future. Take a leisurely cruise aboard a humpback sailboat, or face nature's deadliest weapon: the shark jet. » 10/02/10 9:00am 10/02/10 9:00am

Monstrous 10-Foot Crab Discovered In Japan

This giant sea-monster was plucked out of the Pacific Ocean and now resides in Britain. With legs long enough to straddle a car, this Japanese Spider Crab is truly a giant sea beast worthy of a Jules Verne novel. » 2/15/10 7:00am 2/15/10 7:00am