It's Too Bad the Stocks Of This Plush Falkor Aren't Neverending Too

The wonderful ‘80s flick The NeverEnding Story wasn’t exactly a blockbuster when it hit theaters decades ago, and that means that finding memorabilia from the film these days isn’t easy. There’s an army of crafters on Etsy that are happy to scratch your nostalgic itches, though, it’s just too bad that GameGuardians »5/22/15 1:00am5/22/15 1:00am


This Space Quilt Was Used To Illustrate 19th Century Astronomy Lectures

Crafted in 1876 by Ellen Harding Baker of Cedar County, Iowa, this embroidered quilt is more than mere folk-art object or household item: it was actually used by Harding Baker as a visual aid for astronomy lectures she'd give in her community. It's now part of the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. »4/12/15 7:30pm4/12/15 7:30pm

Turn your child's post-surgery walker into a Star Wars AT-AT

This is a thing of amazing beauty. Stephanie Kaloi's four-year-old son had surgery on both his knees. So artist Ben Dewey created this amazing AT-AT walker for him to walk with. Writes Kaloi, "Dude loves being able to call Darth Vader (his favorite character) for instructions, and has mastered the sound of a laser… »4/15/13 2:43pm4/15/13 2:43pm

Fox bans the sale of unlicensed Jayne hats from Firefly

Looks like Fox is continuing to stir up trouble among the Browncoats. For years fans have happily donned their knitted tributes to Joss Whedon's falled series, the Jayne Hat. It's possibly the most popular piece of convention-goer flair. But it looks like it's about to get a lot harder to get a homemade Jayne hat,… »4/09/13 3:56pm4/09/13 3:56pm

Crocheted Bane face mask keeps you warm while you're terrorizing Gotham

We can't promise that this crocheted face mask by Etsy seller Rose Pope will make you any easier to understand than Bane was in The Dark Knight Rises, but it certainly looks a good deal more comfortable to wear. Pope is selling these masks for £60, but due to high demand, there's a waiting list for this cold-weather… »3/09/13 2:00pm3/09/13 2:00pm